Bali Survival Guide

Not just a guide  to survive

I bought this domain last year, but never touched it since. Then pandemic hit us. Most of us don't prepare for such a thing like this, especially how to deal with the economy. How to survive until the pandemic is over is the question from most people.

Hence, I put a life on this blog, but I still stick to the mission when I bought the domain

That is this blog does not only provide the survival guide for this challenging and tough time, but will also provide things that you needs during normal circumstances.

You might be a student, a local people, a businessman or business woman, a domestic tourist, a foreigner tourist, etc.  But I do hope no matter what and who you are and where you come from, you will find something useful in this blog, especially if you want to live in Bali, want to visit Bali or want to do business in Bali. Tabik.